Pottery Workshop



My work consists of dark and light clays. Primarily low-fire process is used. All pieces are designed with
unique textures and glazes; often layered to increase depth and dynamics.


My work is made with clay with the use of forms. I use throwing and hand building in my work and
frequently incorporate metal or wooden embellishments on my pieces to expand their interest.

Separately I make mid-range and high-fire stoneware pottery and fused glass items and jewelry.

I hand build or wheel throw the clay. I utilize different varieties of glass to create my pieces.

Whimsical hand-built Raku fired fish, teapots and vessels. Textured slabs combining porcelain and Raku clays.

Copper, fused glass, fishing lures & fossiliferous limestone are incorporated into my art.

I create functional ceramics in my home studio in Galveston, Texas. My goal is to blend the worlds of
functional ceramics and fine art, which leads to an ever-evolving, imaginative collection of work.


My pottery is mostly hand thrown high fired stoneware with some slab built pieces. Using my own glazes,

they are fired to a temperature of 2336F. These extreme temperatures ensure their durability.


My work is high fired stoneware. It is inspired by and reflects many of the elements I observe in the world around me.

Functional work primarily but, I also explore these visual elements with pieces


Wheel Thrown, altered, Cone 6 stoneware, Raku. 


My work with earthenware and stoneware clay is a combination of wheel-thrown forms and textured hand-built pieces.

I create pieces that are both functional and decorative.

Wheel thrown and or slab made one of kind Tea sculptures, vase's and wall art. Using multiple layers of under glazes and glazes, to create a Modern Southwest/Oriental with a touch of the unknown.