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I create mixed media paintings and letters out of wood tennis rackets, vinyl records, and over 100 other found and saved materials. I also paint abstract landscapes based on photos from my trips.


With acrylics, I first paint the background. Separately, I use clay to make the sculpture, which is painted and the "scales" of paper glued on, then mounted to the background. Epoxy overall.

I paint w/ beeswax that’s been melted & mixed w/ pigment then every layer is re-fired w/ a blowtorch. The clear layer allows me to embed maps & other objects. I build all my own frames w/ recycled mat.

Acrylic ink and mixed media is placed on the canvas using a piper, on top of found words and images. This creates a transparent figure with bread crumbs into their psyche across the canvas.

I consider myself to be a folk artist. I paint on metal, wood, glass and canvas and board.

My art is colorful, and happy and I strive to do one of a kind pieces.

I paint oil and water soluble oil over acrylic (which I've sealed) ink and gold foil on canvas and framed

I do spray paintin with Acrylic paint over it. Strait Acrylic painting, oil painting. Drawing with pen and ink and markers and water color paints. All on canvas and paper.

Colorful collages created with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of torn paper pieces.

Papers used are often gifted, found, or up-cycled, and include maps, book pages, sheet music and hand written notes.

Medium is homegrown hard-shelled gourds. Patterns are created by wood-burning; colors are dyes and inks; embellished with natural beads, stones, and waxed linen weaved openings.

Mixed media paintings-acrylic, wood, metal and found objects.

My larger pieces are fiberglass and concrete. My clay sculptures include Raku, low-fire glaze, or painted.