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Tap Truck Amarillo

Lori and Mark were high school sweethearts who went their separate ways after graduating, but reunited 15 years later. They raised two kids and now have two grandkids. They are passionate about family, friends and FUN! And they are now at an age where they want this to be their focus. They have enjoyed picking antiques the last few years, just like the two guys on TV (American Pickers).

And after a long, hard day of picking at a flea market they like to enjoy a cold beer to help wind down and relax. It occurred to Mark, he should look into becoming a beer vendor at some of these markets. So the investigation into running a mobile bar began. Mark thought they might modify an old horse trailer, but then his research brought them to Tap Truck, where they liked what they saw.

After talking with Josh, Corbin and the rest of the Tap Truck family, then seeing all the fun instagram posts, Mark and Lori decided to join the Tap Trucks. It’s their goal to develop Tap Truck Amarillo into the premiere beverage catering service in the Texas Panhandle. 

Tap Truck Amarillo is a mobile bartending service with a unique means of serving guests. The Tap Truck, a '69 GMC Panel Truck they call Penny, can serve anything which can be put in a keg. They can handle both commercial and craft brew kegs. Their "No Touch, No Worry" service includes delivery of  beverages, TABC Certified TAPtenders, ice, cups, napkins, all other bar supplies, including the bar, and return of the empty kegs. They can also provide wine, signature cocktails, and non-alcoholic options. Tap Truck is insured and can provide your event a certificate of insurance. Remember, there is a legal responsibility when serving alcohol, and their bartending service takes it seriously.

The Tap Truck  Amarillo team feels lucky to have turned their passion into their profession. They commit to providing nothing less than exceptional customer service at every event and will customize their services to meet your events needs, desires, and vision. Their passion also includes supporting local retailers, breweries, and vineyards, and incorporating their products into every event.

So let them Tap your event!  You choose the brew . . . and they will serve you!


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The picture speaks for itself!

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