Shaping Glass


All items are fused in a glass kiln. Most items are hand cut or a glass saw is used. Some items are slumped in a mold

to give it a shape. Glass I use is food safe. Items are inspected for perfection.



Stained Glass - Cut Glass - Painted Glass - Glass Panels - and other related materials

My art is kiln formed glass, also recognized as fused glass. I create pieces of art using unique techniques of glass placement and finishing. I produce all art work in a home studio.

ALL NEVER FADE signs are kiln fired into glass, mounted on cement board and embedded in cement.


Designs in stained glass coupled with copper wire and tubing for indoor and outdoor decor.

Stained glass art from small sun catchers to large panels, using both the Tiffany and traditional (lead) techniques.

All art is unique in color, form and design.

We have fused since 2007. Our one of a kind works include a commission for Harte Research TAMU.

Any molds used are made by the artist. The Texas series is from photos we took traveling to Art Shows

Hand-cut glass, frit, chopped and powdered glass is shaped & formed into designs;

layered +/or painted with enamels on many layers- & fired multiple times at temps up to 1500* for dimension and effect.