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Screen Printing Materials


I use gyotaku, the Japanese art of fish printing in all my work. 99% are signed originals. I display my work framed, unframed, on tapestries, silk kimono sleeves, greeting cards, dresses, and shirts.

My pieces are all original Silk Screens with VERY limited editions of 20 or less! I free hand draw my design

then hand cut a stencil for EACH color. I then pull the paint for each color thru a screen.

I paint with printmaking inks on a plexiglass plate using tools of brush & brayer. With my etching press,

the image transforms as pigment recedes into paper becoming an original Hand-Pulled Monotype.

About half of my work is detailed illustration in many subjects especially architecture and bird life.

I also do intaglio etching. I make my own plates and print using an etching press.