All works are devoted to nature. As I see her. On canvases (sometimes on plywood). I try to show the relationship of space, color and lines (and kittens of course). To convey the mood to the viewer.

My floral designs are painted on billboard vinyl with sign painter enamels and can be displayed indoors or outdoors.

Acrylic paint on textured canvas. The painting is done by scribing layers of paint technique.

Borrowing elements from both traditional batik and watercolor, I layer alternating applications of melted wax

(used as a resist) and watercolor pigment over drawings made by hand on fine rice paper.

I am a traditional oil painter from Austin Texas working in a representational style. Although I dabble in many subjects I mostly focus on Marine life, the ocean, and seascapes.

Balance of chaos and control with the use of texture bold strokes rich color and use of dental tools.

Different emotion while I experiment with style makes my painting a process rather than a product.

I am representational artist working in the tradition of the great naturalist masters of the 19th century.

My favorite technique is oil on canvas.

Saltwater surround sound, life of an island.. the painting process is deep inside of me as I create with various acrylics and palette knives. Delicate movements, changes in light & listening are key.

Pro watercolors on acid free heavy illustration board, medium applied for texture & acrylic on canvas. Painted in a loose impressionistic style & creating whimsical settings fun & colorful.